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Stainless Steel Vertical Tank For Material Storage

Stainless steel vertical storage tank, as the name suggests, is a storage container. Generally divided into horizontal and vertical two forms, the bottom of the horizontal tank is flat; The bottom of a vertical tank is generally tapered.


1. Use:
Vertical stainless steel storage tank is a kind of storage equipment, which has the characteristics of small floor area, easy installation, flexible and convenient operation.
2. Classification:
According to its structure can be divided into single layer and double layer two types. The single layer type can be divided into two categories: cylinder type and elliptical type. According to its structural characteristics, the double-layer storage tank can be divided into the whole type and the assembly type, which can be divided into a variety of types according to different combination methods.
3, the main technical parameters:
(1) Operating temperature range:
(2) Pressure range:
(3) Volume specifications:
1m3 to 1000m3;
(4) Overall dimensions:
(5) Weight:
Below 100 tons is 20t, 100-300T is 25t, 300-500kn is 40t, 500-1000kn is 50t, 1000-2000kg is 80 t, and 2000kg is 120 t.
4, design points (1) determine reasonable parameters and design calculation program (2) select the appropriate material (3) select a reasonable connection method.

Second, structural design

1. The plane shape of the foundation should not cause distortion and damage to the building during transportation; b. The foundation shall be closely integrated with the main project without detachment; c. The foundation surface should be smooth and solid and have a certain bearing capacity; d. The elevation of the foundation shall meet the requirements of the drawing and facilitate the leveling treatment during construction e... The bearing capacity of the foundation should be checked and calculated according to relevant codes.
2, the support system a) the design principle of the support is to meet the strength requirements and consider the stability and durability of the structure b) for the container can use multi-stage rubber vibration cushion or spring shock absorber to reduce the noise and impact caused by the vibration transfer to the box c). For pipelines with displacement requirements, a guide device can be set d) the supporting system should be composed of elastic coupling parts such as welded ball hinge frame or cylindrical pin shaft.
3. Top cover a) The structure of the top cover mainly has two forms of spherical head and flat head b) the advantage of the spherical head is that the sealing performance is good c). The plate head is suitable for medium and low pressure large-capacity liquid medium transportation d) due to the thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of the liquid, the wall thickness of the circular spherical container is thicker than that of the square plate.